SocialHat was engaged by Telstra to film a nationwide online commercial campaign.

The first location was in Busselton, at the iconic Busselton Jetty. Other locations were scattered across Australia, including Hobart and Melbourne.

The commercial will be aimed towards Instagram and social media, which required us to film for a 1 to 1 format crop.

Because of the current situation with co-vid and travel restrictions, the clients were not able to travel from Melbourne to Perth. Instead, we used a live video link so they could check the frame and action to be able to give feedback in real-time.

Along with the filming, we took still photos to match the same frame, which will be used for print advertising.

The commercial is part of a large advertising campaign to be rolled out nationwide over the next few months. 

SocialHat was approached by Telesta was because of our strong track record of delivering high-quality production value and content, in line with messaging and branding. 

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