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About SocialHat

The demand for consistently high-quality content & marketing at a fair budget has never been higher. We aim to make the process smooth and easy.

We offer our clients simple digital marketing and social media solutions, ranging from in-depth video projects to the latest social media and content marketing campaigns, utilizing the latest technologies.

Our Team

We are leading experts in creating video targeted specifically for online platforms. We also house some of WA’s most talented photographers, web designers, digital marketers, Adwords specialists, writers, and graphic designers who have worked worldwide.

SocialHat is an umbrella company of HardHat Media, WA’s leader in dilapidation surveys. It has an excellent reputation for thorough, dilapidation reports, technical and safety videos, and high-end drone and remote imaging time-lapse services.

Through SocialHat, we have worked on many projects for many great clients. We’ve travelled around the world to tell our clients stories, helping them to build awareness. We realized there was a gap in the market for a social media and digital advertising company that also has a grasp on project management and a grounded understanding of business and industry.


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