Two-hour in-person planning consultancy session with SocialHat.

Following this session SocialHat will work with you collaboratively to determine: the scheduling of your social media posts; your Facebook ads target audience/s; and to confirm marketing, management, and Facebook advertising tactics.


  • Why we are sharing i.e. objectives
  • Who we are connecting and sharing with i.e. target community
  • What we are sharing i.e. content
  • Where we are going to share i.e. social channels
  • When and how often we are going to share i.e. scheduling at different levels
  • How we are going to share i.e. ‘organically’ and paid Facebook advertising


  • Two-hour audit and planning consultancy session
  • A collaborative approach to guide communications and describe:
    • Your target audience – geographics and demographics
    • Problems you solve and actions you want your audience to take
  • Integrating your social media with other marketing activities
  • Tactics for each channel i.e. actions to be executed
  • Recommended minimum Facebook advertising spend.

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