Free initial planning consultancy session with SocialHat.

Following this session, SocialHat will work with you collaboratively plan and film: relevant video content edited specifically for online. This includes live filming, interviews, drone filming, and still photography relevant to your project.

Video is one of the most powerful mediums when it comes to digital marketing, and we are well placed to help you leverage this opportunity to increase your awareness and sales, with our decades of industry experience.


  • Who we are connecting and sharing with i.e. target audience
  • What we are sharing i.e. content, product
  • Where we are going to share i.e. social channels
  • When and how often we are going to share i.e. scheduling at different levels
  • How we are going to share i.e. ‘organically’ and paid Facebook advertising


  • An initial planning consultancy session
  • A collaborative approach to planning
    • Your target audience and message – geographies, and demographics
    • Problems you solve and actions you want your audience to take
  • Integrating video with social media with other marketing activities
  • Tactics for each channel i.e. actions to be executed
  • Recommended minimum Facebook/other digital campaign advertising spend.

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