Integrated set-up of your social media website across two to six key channels online.

This establishes your social media profiles across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (professional profile & Company), ‘Google my Business’ & YouTube with links for your website.

This includes technical set-up and revision (up to 3 hours) of your social sites including consistent ’about’ copywriting and basic design of your social profiles and banners.


A technical and integrated account set-up & revision of up to six social media website channels:

  • LinkedIn company (and your personal profile)
  • Your Facebook business page with Ads Manager
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google my Business
  • YouTube
  • Inclusion of consistent basic ‘about’ page information
  • Upload of your logo and brand/business imagery as available or supplied.
  • Complete / Revise Set up integrated social media across six social media channels linked to web. Inc. ‘about us’ copy, technical set up (< 3hrs in-person) and basic digital & design of social profile & banner collateral.


Your customers will be able to find you and refer you to others.

Your customers will be able to contact you and find out more about your business and any offers e.g. discounts, giveaways, product information and advice.

You will look significantly more professional than most of your rivals who are unlikely to be taking a serious approach to social media.

Your social media websites will add value to your business collateral and they do not perish.

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